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The Early History of Ducati, by Jim Yount

Ducati prides itself on representing the tradition of forward-thinking Italian engineering. Its history extends to 1926, when the Ducati family founded the Società Radio Brevetti Ducati in Bologna. During these early years, it focused on radio components that were designed from Adriano Ducati’s patents.


In 1935, the Ducati organization expanded its operations. Along with creating a factory in Borgo Panigale, it opened offices in London, New York City, Paris, and other major cities. It achieved success during the first two decades, but World War II brought hardships to Ducati, including the destruction of its Borgo Panigale facility. However, the Ducati brothers spent the war years studying ways to enhance their company. In 1946, they introduced an auxiliary motor for bicycles, which led to the development of the Cucciolo, a miniature motorcycle that turned Ducati into a world-class vehicle manufacturer.

About the Author:
A fan of rock climbing, baking, running, and weight lifting, Jim Yount earned his Bachelor’s degree from Drury University while becoming a 21-time All-America swimmer. Additionally, Yount drives a Ducati GT 1000.


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