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Warrior: Coming Soon

I’m really excited about Warrior, an upcoming movie on which I recently worked. I developed the story, which was written by Martin Dugard. The film stars Twilight Saga actors Kellan Lutz (Twilight’s Emmett Cullen) as Conor Sullivan and Ashley Green (Twilight’s Alice Cullen) as Conor’s love interest, Brooklyn. It also stars Burn Notice star Gabrielle Anwar as Conor’s mother, William Mapother (Lost), and Adam Beach (Big Love).

Warrior tells the story of Conor Sullivan, a high school lacrosse star who moves to a difficult new prep school and loses his father in Iraq soon after. Following his father’s death, Sullivan becomes angry and self-destructive until he befriends the Marine his father died while saving. The Marine, Duke, is a Native American who takes Conor under his wing at a wilderness lacrosse camp, where Connor begins to overcome his pain while learning the true meaning of sportsmanship, manhood, strength, and loss.

A production of Family Pictures LLC and James Patterson Entertainment, Warrior was directed by Michael F. Sears. Executive producers include Marc Spizzirri and Martin Dugard. The film is scheduled for big screen release in 2011.

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